Drowning in data is real. What is your data strategy? March 31, 2021 - 11 a.m. CDT

Harvard Business Review reported that:

  • Less than half of an organization’s structured data is actively used in making decision
  • AND less than 1% of its unstructured data is analyzed or used at all. 
  • Rogue data sets propagate in silos
  • 80% of analysts’ time is spent simply discovering and preparing data

Most companies’ engineering teams remain badly behind the curve on managing and maximizing the value of their engineering data

Join us to learn how product companies are employing data strategies for success. You will hear about how several world-class companies approached: 

  • Creating a data “strategy” and developed data standards as part of their digital transformation initiative
  • Managing the multiple layers of data for Edge, On-premise IT, and cloud environments
  • Increasing collaboration among and across engineering teams with their data strategy