Dr. Justin Young, Chief Software Architect at Viviota and Co-Founder, Barry Hutt will present: 

Recorded on December 8 

Viviota Time-to-Insight and Electric Vehicle Analytics

Please enjoy our Thought Leadership webinar, with Chief Architect Dr. Justin Young and CRO & Co-founder Barry Hutt.  Watch them discuss how leading-edge companies are revolutionizing battery powered devices using data.

 The world is rapidly moving to battery powered engines for all types of vehicles and flying machines, with and without people in command. How engineers approach managing data to enable analytics, Machine Learning, and AI is the next big challenge for engineers. Learn what leading-edge companies are doing to speed up the R&D process using new leading edge data techniques. 

  • Trends in all things Battery powered
  • Customer Case Study using Machine Learning to test batteries
  • How Viviota's Time-to-Insight platform automates management of engineering data and analytics generated during development of battery driven devices and vehicle’s
  • Viviota and Machine Learning Development environment
  • Demonstration of Time-to-Insight platform