Watch the Webinar

"Using DIAdem with High-Speed Data"

If you are wrestling with high-speed data, engineering data which has thousands or tens of thousands of rows of data, you will want to attend this webinar and find out ways to manage and analyze your data using DIAdem.

 In this webinar, Julia will:

  • Show an example of resampling high-speed data to correlate it with low-speed data
  • Demonstrate features in Tools+ that are make viewing high speed data easier
  • Go over useful features and tricks in DIAdem that are helpful when working with high-speed data using DIAdem 



Julia is a frequent contributor to NI DIAdem discussion forums and has 15 years of experience training others on DIAdem, as well as hands-on experience building standardized DIAdem routines for data search and retrieval, scripts and processes to speed product testing, standard reports, and integrations with corporate databases.