Viviota & IPG Automotive present: 

June 23, 11 am CDT 

How Automotive Companies are Addressing the Complexities of ADAS with HPC in the Cloud

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Automotive R&D engineers want to reduce physical testing by using more simulation to reduce development time and cost. To do this, Engineers are tasked with finding the right software, processes, and tools to meet the challenges of new vehicle development including ADAS and EV.

See how companies are scaling simulation to gain more value using Highly Parallel Computing (HPC) in an AWS Cloud environment. Simulated drive scenarios which took weeks to run can now be run overnight.

Learn how companies:

    • Use a complete cloud-based development workflow for ADAS simulation and analytics

    • Scale simulation by using IPG CarMaker to run multiple simulations in parallel (HPC)

    • Use AWS tools such as Lambda, S3, and Batch to run IPG CarMaker HPC simulations in parallel

    • Scale Viviota Time-to-Insight onto AWS for cloud-based analytics using EC2 and S3

    • Create a combined cloud-based simulation and analytics solution using IPG CarMaker and Viviota Time-to-Insight on AWS

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"Using Real Driving Data in Your Simulations" (LIVE June 9)  Use advanced data management, analytics, and simulation to build better products and reduce R&D costs. Using real test drive data to feed your simulation models and create variations. how to fuse different data formats for better analytics. Case Study of a major automotive OEM using event detection technology to turn real driving data into simulations.