Viviota & IPG Automotive Co-present

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"Get More Mileage Out of Your Road Tests, Add Real Driving Data in Your IPG CarMaker Simulations" (Originally aired June 9)  

This webinar covers using advanced data management, analytics, and simulation to build better products and reduce R&D costs, and using real data to feed your IPG CarMaker simulation models.

Learn about:

  • Challenges in meeting driving test requirements
  • How to turn real driving data into simulations
  • How to fuse different data formats together for better analytics
  • Case Study: How one major automotive OEM used Viviota Time-to-Insight™ and event detection software and turned real driving data into IPG CarMaker simulations


Barry Hutt, CRO & Founder, Viviota

Barry has over 30 years of experience with manufacturing companies helping them to accelerate their time to market, streamline their processes, and improve the quality of their products. Viviota was founded to provide software to fully automate Engineering Big Data management and accelerate analyses at the Edge where engineers perform their work.

David Howarth, Business Development Director for IPG Automotive USA

David is a business executive with over 20 years of experience helping automotive companies improve the quality of their ECU software, improve their development processes, and shorten their time to market.  David has specific expertise in helping customers to architect HPC systems to cost effectively scale massively parallel vehicle simulations into the cloud.  David has a Computer Engineering degree and an MBA.