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  • Centralized repository for critical engineering IP

  • On-premise, cloud or hybrid configs connecting edge environments

  • Policy-driven TCO optimization for elastic storage & compute

  • Standardize data, analytics logic, AI/ML Model management & operations 

  • Rich integration interfaces for engineering tools & data formats

  • Utilize built-in workflow automation 
  • Connect real-world data with your Digital Thread 
  • Put next-generation analytics at engineers’ fingertips

Intelligent Centralized Access to Engineering Data, Analytics Code & AI/ML Models

To support agile product development approaches, engineers need ways to leverage the full value of their organization’s data, analytics and AI/ML models across global organizations. Viviota Time-to-Insight Repository™ (TTI Repository™) supports the exponential growth, intrinsic value and sharing of engineering data, ushering in the Digital Engineering age with an infrastructure strategy that leverages cloud concepts and is designed to meet engineering-specific requirements—saving time, money and improving product quality.


TTI Repository provides the platform connecting and automating global engineering teams to their unique data and analytics assets, wherever they may be. Purpose-built for engineers, TTI Repository connects and centralizes edge engineering data resources to serve as the backbone for globally managing and leveraging engineering data, analytics code, AI/ML and Digital Engineering models. It may be deployed in an on-prem data center, cloud environment or a hybrid of the two, connecting edge data resources for organizational use.

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TTI Repository provides insights into the data generated from your global engineering operations. It is a unified platform for managing engineering data, analytics code and AI/ML models end-to-end.

• Operationalizes and standardizes data, video, metadata, analytics code and model management
• Access control and security built in protecting your engineering data
• Supports time synchronization of disparate engineering data sources and metadata
• Indexing and search capabilities help engineers locate raw and metadata across the organization
• Configured deployment models to support on-premise and in-cloud implementations
• Integrates with existing engineering analysis tools and supports next-generation analytics tools such as AI/ML and simulation

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TTI Repository is designed to optimize the data and analytics workflows of globally distributed engineering teams, providing flexibility of deployment, data distribution and compute resources:

• Deploy TTI Repository on-premise in customer-managed data centers or in the cloud
• Manage raw data at the edge with Viviota TTI Edge™ (TTI Edge™) and share searchable metadata with global teams while maintaining connection back to the raw data set
• Optimize for spend with data storage options spanning edge, data center and cloud
• Leverage scalable, elastic compute options to dynamically balance compute power and budget
• Manage analytics logic, scripts and models within the repository making them searchable, versionable and scalable at run-time
• Create collaborative connections between remote teams to leverage all your organization’s analytics and data
• Build end-to-end automation for engineering teams in product development, production, field operation and service