Maximize the value of your engineering analytics

  • Automate safety compliance analysis & reporting

  • Empower safety engineers with all the tools they need in one place

  • Keep up-to-date with built -in compliance rules from Euro NCAP, ANCAP and IIHS

  • Reduce human error through automation and analysis centralization

  • Uncover problem areas with powerful data search and inspection tools

  • Increase test coverage with a wide range of test areas from pedestrian protection to head impact analysis


Viviota Time-to-InsightTM Safety Super Charges Your Crash Testing Analysis



Viviota brings North American Automotive OEMs the world’s leading software solution for the evaluation of vehicle safety tests with Viviota Time-to-Insight Safety (TTI Safety™). This solution provides end-to-end management of your crash test data and analytics. In partnership with measX Gmbh & Co. KG, we bring a combined solution that includes industry leading X-Crash software and Viviota TTI.

TTI Safety server-based analytics speed computation times while enabling collaboration and crash test validation to the broader engineering team. X-Crash automates safety compliance reporting leveraging up-to-date sets of vehicle safety requirements as defined by the major automotive safety regulatory organizations worldwide.

Viviota TTI is purpose-built for engineers and provides a powerful back-end server-based backbone for managing engineering data, analytics code and models—automating test engineering workflows and speeding your time to decision.


TTI Safety provides a server-powered crash test data backbone connecting all of your test data sources to a single repository supporting your engineering teams’ efforts.

• Default support of ISO MME, ISO EMG, DIAdem DAT and ASAM ODS data sets and even custom data formats.
• Explore metadata and events through a dynamic, parameterized search engine
• Synchronize, normalize and augment disparate data sources
• Identify and manage time-aligned patterns in raw data
• Optimize data file aging, metadata capture and analytics automation
• Data and test visualization for non-engineers


• Automate and scale analysis execution of crash test data on servers or in the cloud
• Supports custom analysis logic creation
• Allows multi-step sequential analysis workflow execution
• Select data for further ad hoc analysis using the X-Crash or other analysis tools 


 TTI Safety’s X-Crash-powered analysis and reporting client provides convenient tools for data inspection, data postprocessing and comprehensive analysis and reporting options. TTI Safety supports crash test, sled test or component test data allowing deep dives into individual tests or even across a complete test series. Analyses can be quickly and reproducibly analyzed and compared according to current standards and laws. 

Available Analytics and Reporting Modules:
• Tests for passive safety (Crash tests)
• Tests for active safety (Assist System tests)
• Sled tests
• Component tests
• Dummy configuration and certification


• Safety:  Continuously adapted to the internationally applicable laws, crash regulations and evaluation methods
• Efficiency:  Receive evaluations and reports in the shortest possible time
• Reproducibility:  Built-in automation ensures analysis consistency between tests
• Ready-to-use:  Crash test analysis and reporting out-of-box
• Flexibility:  Wide range of customization options for server and client software
• Future-proof:  Compliance rule updates included with TTI Safety subscription

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