The Viviota Tools+ toolkit can be installed in two ways:


  1. Offline Installation – You can download a dedicated installer for your targeted version of DIAdem from the links below.  Once downloaded, unzip the file, and run the “Setup.exe” inside.


Viviota Tools+ for DIAdem 2020

Viviota Tools+ for DIAdem 2021

Viviota Tools+ for DIAdem 2022


     These links will always route to the most recent version of the software, so when new versions are posted, you         can download an updated version of Tools+ from the link above and run the installer again to update.


2.  Feeds Based Installation – We also host Tools+ on our Viviota Feed Server for NI Package Manager.  For this           method, you will need to make sure NI Package Manager is installed and up-to-date, and then you can follow           the instructions found here to register and install the package from the feed with NIPM.


      Again there is one feed per DIAdem version:


These feeds will always reference the most recent version for tools+.  So when updates occur, you can just               open NI Package Manager, and go to the updates tab.  The update should show up in the list there.

The Viviota Tools+ software does not include the installer for DIAdem.  Installing / Licensing DIAdem is the                 responsibility of the user.

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